The Purge

by Zero Degrees Freedom

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released August 5, 2017

Simon Frech - Guitar, additional instrumentation, vocals
Andrew Serisier - Guitar
Heath Keleher - Bass
Nathanael Evans - Drums

Drums recorded and Engineered by Joe Haley at Red Planet Recordings, Hobart
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded by Zero Degrees Freedom.
Mixed and mastered by Joe Haley
Art and layout by Tom Pryer. (
All songs written and performed by Zero Degrees Freedom.



all rights reserved


Zero Degrees Freedom Launceston, Australia

Dark, melodic metal from Tasmania.

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Track Name: The Fine Art
Oh, this is bliss, this fatal deliverance,
travel portals to failures unknown.
Oh, what is this, this foetal indifference?
The storm that plays only for you..

Watch it burn!

Such colours! How those shades, they mesmerise!
Such sounds, the vicious arts! (such vicious hearts!)
Ink blackens the aqua vitae
Behold this, the fine art of self-destruction!

What darkness is this? Parallels of beauty laid bare
Bow to chaos, feel the pain complacency brings.

Feel the pain humanity brings.

Such colours! How those shades, they mesmerise!
Such sounds… the fine art of self destruction.

Sunrise. How it burns the lids.
Drown in elegance...a fever so ineloquent.

In twenty, thirty, six.
Ill drink on the shore as the first wave hits.

In 2036...
I’ll greet Apophis with a smile on my lips.
Track Name: Worms
Spit out the worms...

Diluted, the festering wound awakes
A detour on the greying paths we take.

Failures of circumstance, awaiting dispute
Distortions of nothingness, cold; resolute.
(Spit out the worms)
Passion; the crown to crush kingdoms beneath,
sever all sense with those lessons you'd teach
Just spit out the worms.

There is no perfect cure, apathy-stained and bleak
The cancer of the modern age feeds on it's sheep
Spit out the worms.

Watch it fade, watch it fade away.
See your hope as it withers away.

Failure's call Solid now
The worms they crawl, bloated now.
Heaving mass, the bitter truth
Fills your soul, failure screams...
Screams your name...
Track Name: They
Bleed as you will martyr, for naught shall avail you,
eyes ever bleak, scarred by Winter's crooked claw.

Broken! The mirror returns your most wicked stare
Carry your tune to the well too far to tread.

SILENCE! They demand of the unwashed before them
still your tongues, lest your leper-minds betray!

Dark though your sorrows, these depths you shall never see.
Your idols are crumbling, burned to dust!
Shackled in thrall, in fear we trust;
her voice on the winds speaks of fire, death, blood!


Safe 'neath the watchful eyes of a malignant mind
In strains against the maelstrom, caught in webs of light.
The hive ever-watchful. Ever in wait.
Deep within those catacombs, yet the end is in sight.

To comprehend the great answer, we created the lie.
Track Name: Tranquillity
Against the tide, perspective is lost
Upon these wretched shores, swim such wicked ghosts

Solace denied as the birds of carrion scream
The peace disturbed, drowning in tranquillity

This silence pollutes what the wretched birds convey
The ghost sits laughing, as the gulls stalk their prey

And I hear, the sombre voice of death.
The siren calls my name on the wind.

Still that fucking ghost it tries to call my name.
It wails, it heaves.
That crooked finger of blame, points so soundlessly, yet aimlessly it burns.

Oh! The bleak caress of hatred paints another shattered portrait now
In bitter ink so black.
A watercolour hell from brushes made of bones
Unfettered thoughts better left beneath the waves.

Cold; I ripp'd the albatross' peacock plumage from my throat
And cast it to the sea.
Those bitter nails of pain, loosened from my spine,
as I watched those feathers fall, upon the wretched tide.

Nevermore; to see that cursed raven in my blackened sight;
Cast down from off my door.
I watched those feathers fall, that hollow shell submerged
Turned my back as the waves consumed her.
Track Name: The Crash
Home again. Home and I'm wading
on through these failed memories

Im going home again.

I feel a change coming stealthy as the dawn.

Sliding through depths, fear stalks your shadow. Stalking.
Sanity fails, crumbled hope heaving

Oh regret, culpa mea propria est

... drink failures bitter nectar.
to cure that cursed complaint
Stagnant.. the epiphany lies stained

Fading. Slipping away.

Set loose the hounds
Revel in dismay
(as you revel in your total decay)

Breathing in death, hope stalks your pallor. Stalking.
Sanity fails, crumbled and gone.
Track Name: Old Yellowed Ghost
I woke with a start
Found myself within a forest dark,
With but a shade to guide me
The path long lost, I faced the looming hill
So far away.
The ghost motioned not to stay
Three withered steps
And the path behind a distant memory

A distant spark, midst winters breath
which misguided hope could never fan
Old, yellowed ghost, tearing the strings
from the puppet master’s idle hands (at straws we clutch)

An empty glass,
pour out another of myself
Once more alas
the butchers bill remains unpaid
An empty gaze,
the mirror shakes its head in shame
The ghost departs
Beneath the shadow of the hill

A pointless path, midst winters breath
which misguided steps can never find
Old, yellowed ghost, abandoning
First lead the way, then simply leave it all behind

OH! There is no absolution
No grand epiphany left to fake
The old ghost had left me here for dead
Lo! There is no grand solution
Only the forward path to take
Towards the pinnacle blindly tread

Headlong to failure, no wisdom here to find
Ghost of the void
Belong to failure, give in to nothingness
Follow the void
Follow the ghost
Drown in the void

OH!! Abandon all hope ye who enter here!
Old, yellowed ghost, sever the strings
from the puppet master’s broken hands
Track Name: Failure
Ah, the light of hindsight burning
Now…the bitter fruit revealed
A glipse of comprehension
Beneath denial firmly sealed.

The long night has ended, the long walk has just begun

..and so i stood, staring down a forboding sky
never were clouds so dripped in doom
never a face so pallid stood
awash in light, I waited
for darkness to fall

Alone, I stood, the hill before me
Slowly, I TOOK. The. FIRST. STEP

Burdened with doubt, I walked the dimming path
Shadows converged, to failures absolute

Burdened with doubt, I walked the shrinking path
Shadows converged, to failures resolute.
Track Name: The Purge
The siren calls again, her voice cuts air too thick to breathe.
A mistake perpetuated by inflated vanities.
The token effort hailed, this empty canvass now unveiled
A pointless passage drawn in blood...

Wearing my cancerous crown, slick with defeat
a mind torn asunder by the human disease

Bow to failure's call, my bastard crown is slipping
That onerous seventh scar exposed again...

The emptiness exposed, yet that geis damns us ever on
Drown in failure; through damnation find catharsis.
Upon Tantalus' path, far too often trod
only in my madness shall these haggard hooves be shod.

Oh! We fall, we fail, we find no answer
here...Behold! the fall of man.
Lo! We fail, the burning path awaits
Atop the hill, to find salvation

Lo! The damned in the wall
To consume the unwhole
Cast upon the mountain
Sear the sins from the flesh!

The flame cleansed icon
Fork-tongued pledges taken
Bask in token penance,
til we inexorably, relent.